Complete 20th Century History for Cambridge IGCSE: Token Book
John Cantrell

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Author: John Cantrell
Author(s): John Cantrell, Neil Smith, Peter Smith, Ray Ennion
ISBN-13: 9780198379607
ISBN-10: 0198379609
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 10-Mar-16
Format: Printed access code
Pages: 416

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Written by experienced examiners to completely cover the 20th century aspects of the Cambridge IGCSE in History, this comprehensive text covers all the relevant material and provides focused skills development to ensure students achieve their best.

Written by experienced teachers and examiners, this comprehensive text is endorsed by Cambridge for the full syllabus of Option B: The Twentieth Century. With a dual focus on knowledge acquisition and skills development, it includes extensive source analysis work and is packed with original colour sources, graphs, maps and more to hold learners’ attention. A dedicated chapter on exam skills fully develops all the skills directly relevant to assessment and the alternative to coursework. Including careful provision for EAL learners, a high level of detail and challenge will stretch your most able students and enable critical thinking.

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