Complete Accounting for Cambridge O Level & IGCSE
Brian Titley

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Author: Brian Titley
Author(s): Brian Titley, Iain Ward-Campbell, Christine Gilchrist
ISBN-13: 9780198379683
ISBN-10: 0198379684
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 10-Mar-16
Format: Printed access code
Pages: 512

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This comprehensive Student Book builds a strong foundation for achievement in Cambridge exams, and extends learning beyond the syllabus requirements, supporting a confident transition to higher level Accounting study.

This rigorous and challenging textbook supports achievement in the latest Cambridge IGCSE and O Level syllabuses, and includes enrichment material to prepare students for further studies in Accounting. Written by an author well-known for his comprehensive, rigorous and accessible style, the book expertly covers each element of the latest specifications and more. It is directly matched to the Cambridge syllabus. With a real-world focus and challenging extension material, this text helps students to look beyond the course and paves the way for high achievement in further accountancy studies. Worked examples and integrated case studies ensure that the material is always engaging, whilst questions from Cambridge O Level and IGCSE papers develop exam skills, building confidence and supporting strong assessment performance.

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