Complete Enterprise for Cambridge IGCSE(R)
Terry L. Cook



Author: Terry L. Cook
Author(s): Terry L. Cook, Jane King
ISBN-13: 9780198359005
ISBN-10: 0198359004
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 24-Dec-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160

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Matched to the latest Cambridge syllabus, the practical Complete Enterprise approach encourages students to develop and apply 21st century skills in context. As well as supporting confidence for the Cambridge Enterprise exam, it builds practical skills for students’ future careers.

Written to match the latest Cambridge syllabus (0454), Complete Enterprise for Cambridge IGCSE(R) is a skills-focused resource, written by experts in the Cambridge curriculum. As well as developing crucial skills for the Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise exam, it supports transferable business skills that will raise potential in subjects like Cambridge IGCSE Economics and Business Studies. Specifically designed to provide the knowledge associated with running a small enterprise, the practical approach equips learners with 21st-century skills which can be applied to their future studies and careers.

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