Edexcel International GCSE French Teacher’s CD 2nd Edition
Christine Dalton

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Author: Christine Dalton
Author(s): Christine Dalton, Kirsty Thathapudi
ISBN-13: 9781510403291
ISBN-10: 1510403299
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 25-Aug-17
Format: CD-ROM

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Make the most of the Student Book with all the audio, answers, transcripts and teacher notes you need, plus editable vocab lists and graded sample answers to prepare students for the exam.

  • Develop listening skills with 97 audio recordings and 97 audio transcripts
  • Support your teaching with 150 pages of teacher notes and all the answers to the Student Book exercises
  • Prepare students for the Writing section of Paper 2 with 60 pages of graded sample answers with examiner commentary
  • Revise vocabulary with 16 pages of editable vocabulary lists

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